A Biodynamic Approach

to Vibrant Well-Being

"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.”
                                                                          ~Rabindranath Tagore

With a compassionate, present touch, I support people in finding relief from chronic pain and tension, releasing unconscious holdings, and discovering more ease and vitality. My capacity to listen deeply to the intelligence and health of the body is a key component of my work. I am continually awed at the body’s ability to restore balance and wellbeing when we slow down and connect to the healing forces always present in the body.

Kelly Vittoria, LMT, RCST®
Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner & Massage Therapist
Ashland, Oregon

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